Action Resources

Four outreach and advocacy, find a Fact Sheet and Script / Letter on our Action Page.

CCA Resources

Informational Slidedeck

A stand-alone slidedeck that includes an Introduction to NY CCA and a summary of: Benefits, Energy Sourcing and Roles & Requirements.

30 slides

Tasks and Timeline

An Excel spreadsheet scope of roles and responsibilities (required and optional) scheduled across an estimated year from conception to launch and beyond. 



The energy sector has many terms and acronyms. Here is a comprehensive list of relevant terms for clarification and consistency, This is good to have on hand when reviewing other resources.

12 pages


In New York State, Community Choice Aggregation  (CCA) proposals are authorized subject to Public Service Commission (PSC) approval of an Implementation Plan, Data Protection Plan, certification of Enabling Local Legislation

Sample Enabling Local Legislation

Local law must be adopted by each municipality wishing to participate in a CCA Program. This sample legislation addresses the requirements described in the PSC CCA Order.

5 pages

Sample Implementation Plan

The Implementation Plan is equivalent to a business plan with a thorough explanation of the entire proposed CCA Program. This Sample Implementation Plan is a Community Choice Aggregation Program proposal that was submitted by Joule Community Power to the PSC in November of 2017.. Sections include: Definitions (also available as a stand alone resource listed above); Introduction to CCA in NY; Program Goals; Roles and Responsibilities; Implementation and Timeline; Funding, Costs and Fees; Appendices including various useful forms.

83 pages

Community Choice Energy Event Videos

On May 4th 2018, RenewYorkCity and JouleCommunity Power hosted an event in NYC entitled: 

Acclereting Community Choice Energy

There were 3 panels.

Panel 1: The Pilot Program

The organization and learnings of New York's first Community Choice Aggregation program.

Moderator: Michael Gordon Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder Joule Assets


From left:

Neil Alexander Esq. Partner in the Land Use, Zoning & Development and Chairman of Energy & Environmental Practice, Cuddy & Feder 
Dan Welsh Program Director, Westchester Power 
Brad Tito Program Manager, Communities & Local Government, NYSERDA
Sammy Chu Chief Executive Officer, Edgewise Energy
Mark Thielking Executive Director, Energize NY and the Energy Improvement Corporation
Warren Lucas Supervisor, Town of North Salem 
Rich Fusco Product Lead, Joule Assets 
Linda Whitehead Esq. Partner, McCullough, Goldberger & Staudt 
Steve Filler Sr VP Business Development and General Counsel for Joule Assets

Panel 2: The New CCAs

The new generation of renewably-powered Community Choice Aggregations soon to go live across the state.

Moderator: Glenn Weinberg Director, JouleCommunity Power 


From left:

Gary Fromer a Renewable Energy and Demand-Side Management Executive 

Lynn Arthur Founder and President, Peak Power Long Island 

Rich Fusco Product Lead, Joule Assets 

Nate Owen CEO & Founder, Ampion 

Sue Hughes-Smith Rochester People's Climate Coalition 

Sunny Joshi Regulatory Affairs Analyst, New York Power Authority 

Ted Kelly Assistant Counsel, New York State Department of Public Service

Panel 3 CCA for NYC

The potential and status of Community Choice Aggregation in NYC.

Moderator: Charlotte Binns Executive Director, RenewYorkCity


From left:
Cecil D. Corbin-Mark Deputy Director, WE ACT for Environmental Justice
David Hepinstall Executive Director at Association for Energy Affordability (AEA)

Lisa DiCaprio Conservation Chair of the Sierra Club NYC Group
Rich Fusco Product Lead, Joule Assets 

Edward Paulino Policy, Communications and Budget Director for New York City Council Member Stephen Levin, 33rd District