Many organizations are working to enable CCA and advance renewable energy for NYC. Partners include:



Climate Reality Project, NY Metro Area Chapter

People's Climate Movement


Sierra Club NYC Group

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Charlotte E Binns: Executive Director of RenewYorkCity

Charlotte is a social entrepreneur who lives to organize local communities around sustainability and is always looking for ways to have a significant impact on climate change.

Charlotte started out as a digital entrepreneur founding and running Call2Action, a SaaS platform serving nonprofits for 8 years until she sold it in 2014. Call2Action was one of the 13 pioneering companies to first become a Benefit Corporation in the State of New York. Charlotte went on to work at Blue State Digital, the agency that mobilized America for President Obama, and to create the North Brooklyn eco hub GoGreenBK.  In 2015-2016, she won close to $500,000 in grants for local greening efforts, including for a public school environmental playground.

Most recently, Charlotte worked at, educating New Yorkers on Community Solar and she is currently working part time, as a sub-contractor under CCA Program Administrator JouleCommunity Power, to create Community Choice Aggregation resource materials for NY State. Joule staff have helped to pave the way for CCA in NY, leading the pilot program in Westchester, guiding additional municipalities to adopt CCA and working with state agencies to continually expand the capacity of CCA to empower communities towards a more democratic clean energy future.

You can find her @charlotteebinns

CCA Program Administrators

Administrators should be selected on the basis of their capability to perform tasks both required by the PSC CCA Order and optional enhanced services, and with consideration of their experience and expertise in energy markets, regulatory process, distributed energy resources, and CCA in New York State.  

RenewYorkCity has a working relationship with JouleCommunity Power because they are the only Administrator in NY State working to advance renewable energy, energy efficiency and local resilience. Joule also uniquely partners with local community groups to ensure local engagement and priorities are integral to the project. 

NYC will determine its own RFP criteria for evaluating a Program Administrator or Program Administrators for the city. Ideally, each community will be able to determine the best partner for their needs.